The Hairless

The hairless is naked except for its crest, socks and plume.
The Powderpuff

The powderpuff is fully coated with soft silky hair.

The Chinese Crested is an elegant toy dog that is extremely loving. Ideally they are 11-13 inches tall at the shoulder. Both varieties do not shed and come in any color or combination of colors.

Jon and Julie Wells were married in 1985 and live in beautiful Tennessee. We purchased our first show dog, a Toy Fox Terrier, in 1989. Precious went on to complete her Grand Championship in UKC and was in the Top 10 for her breed in 1990. Then we saw our first Chinese Crested in 1991 at an AKC show. It was love at first sight!  We have currently bred over 60 Chinese Crested champions including Best in Show and Specialty winners.

Jon & Julie - 2007

Julie Wells with Simba

Jon Wells with Cosmo